Top 3 Foods at Tent City

By Jade Artherhults

The third annual Tent City made its way back to the Mountainlair green on Monday in commemoration of Homecoming Week. With the arrival of pitched tents comes lots of hungry students, so The Daily Athenaeum traveled to Tent City to find out what its citizens have been snacking on.

Photo by Jade Artherhults

  1. Snacks from home

Like most college students, the residents of Tent City are on a budget. The city is economically smart, so many students decided to bring food from their apartments and dorm rooms as a way to save money. There were many goodies such as chips and cheese puffs being consumed throughout the week.

Cheese Curls
Photo from


  1. Meals from the Mountainlair and downtown Morgantown

Other Tent City residents took advantage of the multiple fast food restaurants nearby, either in the Mountainlair or on High St. (Who wouldn’t want to live off Chick-Fil-A and Casa d’Amici for a week straight?)

KJM meal plan swipe CMYK.jpg
File photo from The Daily Athenaeum


  1. Chilifest

Perhaps the most popular (and delicious) option for those living in Tent City was Chilifest. Organized by Sigma Chi, the first annual Chilifest was a great option for students who didn’t want to leave Tent City for meals. For just $2, students could purchase a bowl of chili and help out a great cause at the same time. Proceeds raised from Chilifest went to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Photo by Jade Artherhults

Were you a resident of Tent City this week? If so, what did you snack on? Let us know in the comments!


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