7 Tried-and-True Party Food Recipes

By Abby Humphreys

Holiday-themed snacks may be adorable to look at, but aren’t always as delicious as they appear. No matter their cuteness level, foods like Halloween crescent roll mummies are really just plain hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll dough and lack much flavor. Other holiday treats like Christmas Santa Claus cookies and Easter birds’ nest cupcakes suffer from too many mismatched ingredients for the sake of sticking to a theme, which make them more like decorations than tasty treats.

Luckily, these reader-tested recipes are great for any occasion and will be a guaranteed hit at virtually every gathering, from wild house parties to tame nights in with friends. Try these at your next party for happy guests who remember the night not just for the company, but for the food as well.

1. Fruity Pebble Treats – Travis Kent


Travis Kent, a senior English major from Aldie, Virginia, makes fruity pebble treats using this recipe to enjoy during movie nights with friends. He suggests prepping all pans and bowls of ingredients before starting because the marshmallows solidify very quickly after melting them in the microwave.
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8 Cooking Cheat Sheets

By Abby Humphreys

Tired of Googling the same basic instructions or recipes when cooking? Print off these helpful infographics and diagrams to save time and improve your skills in the kitchen.

1. Meat Marinating Times (buzzfeed.com)


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Q&A with Hilary Kinney, Co-Founder of WVU’s Food Recovery Network

higfig edited.jpgHow did you become involved initially, and what is your current role in West Virginia University’s chapter of the Food Recovery Network?

I became involved with the FRN as a co-founder of our school’s chapter. My friend Melissa Hernandez and I met each other because we both applied for chapter status through FRN national at the same time. I took an interest in hunger and food issues as a freshman. I also began to hear about the waste that was occurring in dining halls. The FRN seemed to be a good option to address food waste and also mobilize students to become more involved on campus and in the community.
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6 Simple & Elegant Date Night Recipes

By Abby Humphreys

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, bundling up to go out on dinner dates may not seem as appealing as simply staying indoors with bowls of ramen. However, cooking delicious food at home to impress your date only takes a quick trip to the store and a few minutes of preparation. Whether it’s your first date or fiftieth, creating meals together always makes for a memorable bonding experience.

1. Baked Chicken with Tomatoes and Garlic

Photo from Brooklynsupper.com

This recipe involves only basic ingredients that can be found for cheap at any grocery store. It also only requires a single cast iron skillet, so after-dinner cleanup is kept to a minimum.
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Review: 100-Mile Dinner at Café Evansdale


By Abby Humphreys & Jade Artherhults

Most dining hall events are limited to simple holiday-themed snacks and decorations. However, Café Evansdale flipped that idea on its head with its third annual 100-Mile Dinner on Thursday, Oct. 13. The dining hall created an entire menu from ingredients sourced from within 100 miles of Morgantown, which included dishes such as fried cabbage and noodles, smoked pork loin and maple chicken.


The DA Eats team visited Café Evansdale to see how its dishes stood up to normal dining hall fare. In short, we were simply blown away by the amount of care and effort put into the meal.

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6 Restaurant Meals To Make at Home

By Abby Humphreys

It goes without saying that restaurant food is typically better quality than anything we could ever hope to cook at home, but eating out daily is become an expensive habit to keep. However, compromising by making your favorite restaurant dishes with ingredients you already have at home saves money without sacrificing taste. Gain confidence in the kitchen by trying out a few of these “copycat” recipes below.

1. Broccoli Cheddar Soup (Panera Bread)

There are no magic ingredients—just broccoli, onion, chicken stock and sharp cheddar cheese. This recipe makes eight servings, so it can easily be saved for later and reheated for a quick lunch or dinner. Continue reading

Top Snacks for Morgantown Clown Hunters

By Abby Humphreys

Creepy clowns have recently been sighted by Towers, Honors Hall and the Dairy Mart. Whether you’re crafting clown bait or are prepping snacks for the hunt, try out some of these recipes that no clown (or clown hunter) can resist if you’re looking to spot something spooky around town this Halloween season.

  1. Bloody milkshakes
bloody milkshake.jpg
Photo from kailleyskitchen.com

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YouTube Feature: Brothers Green Eats

By Abby Humphreys

Brothers Green Eats isn’t your average YouTube cooking channel. Instead of filming lengthy and difficult recipes no college student would ever bother making, brothers Josh and Mike Greenfield focus on creating easy, budget-friendly meals and teaching the skills necessary to survive four years in school without breaking the bank on mediocre and unhealthy food.

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