Top Snacks for Morgantown Clown Hunters

By Abby Humphreys

Creepy clowns have recently been sighted by Towers, Honors Hall and the Dairy Mart. Whether you’re crafting clown bait or are prepping snacks for the hunt, try out some of these recipes that no clown (or clown hunter) can resist if you’re looking to spot something spooky around town this Halloween season.

  1. Bloody milkshakes
bloody milkshake.jpg
Photo from

Any milkshake can be made bloody with a drizzle of grenadine syrup. This vanilla milkshake recipe adds sugar to an already-sweet classic drink that clowns are sure to sniff out. (If you’re over 21, spiked milkshakes can add an extra bloody punch to the hunt.)

2. Gory strawberries ‘n cream popcorn

gory popcorn.jpg
Photo from

Clowns will surely be drawn to this familiar carnival treat with a twist. Instead of adding the usual mixture of butter and salt to popcorn, freeze-dried strawberries and mini marshmallows add sweetness to the crunchy snack. Find the recipe here.

3. Halloween candy bark

chocolate bark.jpeg
Photo from

Nothing is more irresistible to creepy clowns than Halloween candy. Make use of yours by creating this chocolate candy bark to snack on while roaming downtown in search of clowns, or try leaving some in choice locations as bait.


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