5 Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

Less than a week after Halloween, candy prices have fallen fast. Stores want to rid their shelves of unsold spooky treats before their stock of Christmas candy makes it to the shelves, so this is a great time to stock up on your favorite candy or re-purpose what wasn’t handed out during Trick-Or-Treat into some delicious snacks.

1. M&M Popcorn Balls

Photo from Twosisterscrafting.com

Popcorn and M&Ms are a magical combination not many people know about. Find the recipe here at Buzzfeed Tasty or try the more basic version at Two Sisters Crafting.

2. Candy Bar Cookies

Photo from Recipegirl.com

This recipe calls for homemade cookie dough, but store-bought dough will also work. Simply take a morsel of your favorite candy bar and press it into the cookie dough before baking. This is a simple way to use up candy without putting too much time into buying and prepping other ingredients. Hershey chocolate morsels work best, but M&Ms or pieces of Twix and Snickers bars will also do the job.

3. Butterfinger Cookie Bars

Photo from Lifemadesweet.com

Butterfingers are known for their crunchy texture, so using this recipe to combine them with a soft and chewy cookie bar is a match made in heaven. Heat these up when the weather gets cold for a comforting sweet treat.

4. Leftover Candy Hand Pies

Photo from Diethood.com

This mini-pie recipe from Diethood is quick to make and can incorporate any leftover candy you may have on-hand. (And what’s better than biting into a pastry filled with chocolate and candy? Nothing.)

5. Peanut Butter S’mores Pies

Photo from Melissassouthernstylekitchen.com

Similar to the previous recipe, these miniature pies combine all the ingredients of a s’more into one simple handheld treat. Instead of using Hershey bars and peanuts, try using leftover Reese’s cups for a more intense chocolate and peanut butter flavor.


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