6 International Christmas Dessert Recipes

By Abby Humphreys

Christmas cookies and eggnog are usual sights in December in the United States, but other countries celebrate the Christmas season much differently. Try experiencing the flavors of Christmas from Italy, Japan and many other places around the world with the recipes below.

1. Ris à la Mande—Denmark

Photo from SavoryChicks.com

Although its name sounds French, this dish is purely of Danish origin. Its name comes from the French-sounding “riz à l’amande”, which means “rice with almonds.” It consists of rice pudding, vanilla flavoring, milk, chopped almonds and whipped cream with a sweet cherry sauce on top.

According to its Wikipedia entry, rice pudding was rarely made in Denmark until after World War II due to its high cost. However, Danes took to mixing rice pudding with whipped cream after it became more widely available in order to make the rice last longer, which gave birth to the dish.

You can find an easy recipe for ris à la mande here. (Fun fact: in Sweden, the dish can be made without almonds, but the person who finds a hidden whole almond in their pudding is expected to be married within the year.)

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