Students Say: Winter Comfort Foods

Just a week from the start of spring, this winter’s worst storm will soon hit Morgantown. Stay warm with these tried-and-true comfort foods from students around campus.

By Isabella Tennant

Winter weather often leads to some desperate and feeble attempts at fighting the cold. When I asked students what they do beyond donning an extra pair of socks to stay upbeat during this season, many of them referred to a common comfort: Food.

When I asked students about their go-to winter comfort foods, I assumed everyone would mention recipes that had been in their families for years.

Tom Lyall
Tom Lyall

“It’s gotta be my mom’s vegetable soup.” Tom Lyall, a junior from Morgantown, said when I asked about his winter comfort food. He was adamant that the dish was more of a soup than a stew. (You can find a recipe for an easy vegetable soup here.)




tania kinsel
Tania Kinsel

In a similar vein, Tania Kinsel, a freshman from Murraysville, Pa., said that her papa’s homemade mac-and-cheese is what she always craves when trying to stay warm in the winter months.




Haley Keefover

However, Haley Keefover, a freshman from Fairmont, said her favorite food in the winter is potato soup of any kind, either homemade or from a restaurant. You can find a copycat recipe for Panera Bread’s potato soup here.



tyler layman
Tyler Layman

Tyler Layman, a freshman from Fairmont, said, “Probably anything Italian. I have a weakness for pasta.” You can find an easy homemade alfredo sauce recipe here, or a copycat chicken gnocchi soup recipe from Olive Garden here.



kara bennett
Kara Bennett

Kara Bennett, a sophomore from Fairmont, likes chicken and noodles made in a crockpot. There’s nothing more comforting than tender noodles and warm chicken that have been simmering for hours.



It seems that everyone has a winter comfort food of some sort. When the weather is too poor to spend time outside, it’s easy to look inwards for contentment.

Food, especially when homemade, can bring comfort to anyone. When it comes to dreary winter weather, one can’t go wrong with staying inside and enjoying a meal that makes you happy.



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