Q’s & A’s with WVU Dining Services

Video by Brooke Marble

The secrets are out: The DA Eats videographer Brooke Marble sat down with students and WVU dining staff Bryan Jarrell and Kathy Curtin to answer questions about what operating a dining hall is really like.


Q&A with Hilary Kinney, Co-Founder of WVU’s Food Recovery Network

higfig edited.jpgHow did you become involved initially, and what is your current role in West Virginia University’s chapter of the Food Recovery Network?

I became involved with the FRN as a co-founder of our school’s chapter. My friend Melissa Hernandez and I met each other because we both applied for chapter status through FRN national at the same time. I took an interest in hunger and food issues as a freshman. I also began to hear about the waste that was occurring in dining halls. The FRN seemed to be a good option to address food waste and also mobilize students to become more involved on campus and in the community.
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