Students Say: Winter Comfort Foods

Just a week from the start of spring, this winter’s worst storm will soon hit Morgantown. Stay warm with these tried-and-true comfort foods from students around campus.

By Isabella Tennant

Winter weather often leads to some desperate and feeble attempts at fighting the cold. When I asked students what they do beyond donning an extra pair of socks to stay upbeat during this season, many of them referred to a common comfort: Food.

When I asked students about their go-to winter comfort foods, I assumed everyone would mention recipes that had been in their families for years.

Tom Lyall
Tom Lyall

“It’s gotta be my mom’s vegetable soup.” Tom Lyall, a junior from Morgantown, said when I asked about his winter comfort food. He was adamant that the dish was more of a soup than a stew. (You can find a recipe for an easy vegetable soup here.)



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