Students Say: Celebrating Pi Day

By Isabella Tennant

Pi Day (March 14) is celebrated by many schools and universities across the country for its numerical resemblance to the mathematical constant pi, which is usually shortened to 3.14. On this day, students celebrate by eating tasty treats and doing activities to celebrate the joys of math.

When I asked students about their past experiences with Pi Day, a few students recounted similar stories.

kaleiKalei Harris, a freshman, said that she “had pizza, cakes, pies, cookies, and cupcakes” during her childhood. To relate the foods back to math, she said: “We had to calculate the circumference of the food we brought for a grade.” You can find a recipe for an easy pizza pie here.


jessicaIn contrast, Jessica Tardencilla, also a freshman, had “oatmeal pies.” When asked if any math was applied to the food, she said, “Nope, we just ate it.”

Pi Day has become more than just a celebration of a math concept, and has evolved to include something central to most festivities: Food. And that’s something we can all get behind.


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